Welcome to my little corner of the Internet! I am a nursing student and ER tech in the Western USA, and an avid kayaker. Much of the content of this blog will revolve around these two areas – kayaking and healthcare. I also write about politics, religion, and any other topic I like.

As this is a healthcare blog, I’ll add the standard disclaimer – assume any patient story I post is fiction. It may be a conglomeration of several patient encounters, or made up out of whole cloth. My goal in sharing these stories is to make a point or make the reader laugh, and the story doesn’t need to be true to accomplish either goal!

I plan on posting at least weekly. I’d love to post daily, but with nursing school and work, time is sometimes limited. I welcome comments from anyone, but do expect civility from commenters. I look forward to hearing from anyone who stumbles upon this blog, and can be reached by E-mail at bandagedboater@gmail.com.

– BandagedBoater


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